Replica Eames Dining Chair

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The Eames Side Chair combines next level comfort along with an attractive wire frame to create an impressive piece of furniture. 
The soft seat padding and alluring wireframe design of the Eames Side Chair creates a beautiful and exciting seating experience. Crafted from environmentally friendly polypropylene plastics and high-quality black leather, this Eames Side Chair will add a touch of class to any home or office space. 
The delicate, yet durable leather cushion and curved seat design provide ergonomic support for your back which makes sitting for long periods of time a comfortable experience. 
The dramatic wireframe is not only modern and eye-catching but it also provides firm and sturdy support.
Learn more about the Eames Side Chair: 
Ergonomically designed to fit any body shape and provide maximum comfort. 
The Eames Side Chair is designed using the highest quality genuine leather that is water resistant. 
The Eames Side Chair adopts a cross-structure to ensure stability. 
The non-slip footpads protect against floor damage.
Available in black leather.  
Product details
Dimensions: (W) 48cm x (D) 40cm x (H) 86cm
Seat height: 50cm
All dimensions are approximate.
Care instructions 
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to clean any spills or marks from the leather. 
  • Do not place furniture near open fires or in direct sunlight. 
  • If you find a loose threat, cut with a sharp pair of scissors.